my story

My name’s Steph, born and raised in Canada. I’ve always been an explorer, whether abroad or in my backyard, and I realised from a young age that as an explorer, you have a different mindset from many other people – you find simple things, often overlooked, very entertaining… or maybe that’s just me.

In either case, I like to share short stories of my odd daily experiences (fun facts for the day) with my friends and family, just to make them smile (though I love when I get a “you’re ridiculous Steph” *shaking head in disbelief*). And that’s basically what I want to achieve with this blog – it’s not just a travel blog of exotic places with pretty pictures; it’s my little space on the inter web to share my odd stories from everyday life, wherever I am in the world.



One thought on “my story

  1. Hi Steph, Thanks for following me so I could find you in return. Your blog looks lovely, I look forward to reading more of your adventures and to sharing your journey.


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