Grampians National Park

Reed’s Lookout over Grampians National Park. Rock outcrops, boulders, cliffs tumbling into the dense forest below. Matt, my Bunyip tour guide, tells me it is the perfect backdrop for a photo…   

…though I needed some encouragement and a lot of assistance. 


Camp in the bush, with kangaroos and koolies. A colourful sunset contrasted with the silhouettes of scattered trees, as kangaroo families nibble at their evening meal, with an ever watchful eye protecting their kin.


In the early morning, we headed to Mackenzie Falls. A steep descent to the rushing water, precarious steps replaced with precarious rocks, tempting the daredevils to the climb. 

Photo credit to Carl We

The Grampians Grand Canyon. One last group photo. An even more tempting playground for the daredevils, as boulders delicately balance on a tower of rock.

Photo credit to our fellow unknown hiker

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