Melbourne streets. Art galleries in alley ways. Wander through the maze – vintage shops and designer clothing, cafés and ethnic restaurants, fruit stands and interior designs, locals and backpackers. A seamless blend, effortless inclusion.


Down the street, find St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Art gallery fused with religion. A familiar calm, a gentleness, peaceful security wrapping you in the din light and scent of aged carved wood and stone. Faithful lunch break prayers and tourist bus camera flashes, coexist in the serenity, common awe of the surroundings yet from different perspectives. The lens and the heart.


Friends from 5 years ago with new friends for just the night. Drinks at Lyrebird Lounge. Acoustic guitar and soulful jazz. Chords plucked, fingers fly, strings blurred, toes tapping. 


Train out of the city to Geelong. Cousins on the other side of the Pacific, feel like close family. Meals shared, reunion plans made, escape rooms conquered, and silly giggles with the next generation. 



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