Great Ocean Road

Seeing the Great Ocean Road has been on my to-do list since the last time I visited Australia. Before I began my trip in 2014, a friend urged me to see it, showing me gorgeous photos of that stretch of coastline. So, with her suggestion in mind, I booked a tour with Bunyip, met my travel guide Matt and the other 8 travellers on my bus, and headed off down the famous road. 


Among our first few stops was the 12 Apostles. The morning drizzle subsided for our visit and illuminated the eroded coastline in hazy gentle tones looking out to the afternoon sun. Gazing east, a full rainbow arched over those eerie formations, standing solid in the cutting waves, slowly being eaten away. 


The following day, we explored Loch Ard Gorge, the beach and caverns with a story of terrible shipwreck and loss, fear in a new land, and proposed love, though elitism and practicality won in the end.  


And finally London Bridge, decaying before our very eyes with the relentless waves clawing at the soft earth, slicing away one grain at a time, one arch stubbornly holding its grip until one day it will fall to the sea like its lost partner. 



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