Nevis Swing

Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand. A mysterious land where people jump off bridges tied to elastic bands, drive fast boats with jets, fly off mountains and ride glass boxes into the sky. And so, as soon as we arrived, we booked ourselves an adventure. 

Morning shuttle to the Nevis River, my nerves were soaring. The reality of my impulsive decision from the day before became only more apparent when we finally arrived.


Simon opted to do the Nevis Bungee Jump, 134m above the river. We just had to get to that structure out in the open air…


… in a caged gondola of course. My knees started shaking even more.


I opted to be the photographer for this portion of the adventurous day, snapping photos while everyone got harnessed and ready to go. 


The Nevis Swing, which I was going to do tandem with Simon, was a leisurely walk across a metal bridge. 


The Nevis Swing is the largest bungee swing in the world, with an arc of 300m. I had two thumbs up but I was sure my knees would give out on me. 


And then it was too late to turn back. And I went for it. 

Once the swinging slowed, and I became more accustomed to dangling in a harness by ropes and carabiners over a flowing river in a deep cut rocky canyon, I took in the views. It was breathtaking, or perhaps it was just our new vantage point.


It was a strange feeling standing on solid ground again. Nervous anticipation quickly had changed into ecstatic excitement. I wanted to do it again. That’s an adrenaline rush for you. 

But, instead of jumping off another ledge, we opted for a cheaper, and incredibly delicious, Ferg Burger back in Queenstown, as a celebratory meal for jumping into a canyon attached by a few ropes and living to tell the tale to our astonished friends and family at home. 



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