Shades of Blue

After a peaceful night by Gillespies Beach, we awoke to the Southern Alps painted in shades of blue.


Another great glacier to see in this area is Fox Glacier, and we were blessed with a sunny day for our hike, a stark contrast to our hike to Franz Josef Glacier the day before. 


The crisp cool air combined with the clear blue sky, made Fox Glacier’s colours more vivid, crevices more pronounced, and ice more shimmery. Watching it from the designated look-out point, you could feel its life, its shape and structure changing constantly, a grand living being.

Driving through Haast Pass onto Wanaka, we stopped at a DOC campsite (Cameron Flats). When we awoke, the clouds played in the swift breeze over the mountain tops, dyed pink and purple against the blue morning sky and waking sun. 


Along this route we were told to stop at the Blue Pools. Only a short hike, look below from a small suspension bridge, and see clear azure waters weaving through a rocky valley, stocked with trout, passing islands of smoothed pebbles.



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