Abel Tasman

Morning at Old Mac Donald’s Farm Holiday Park.     

8:30am meet at Marahau Sea Kayaks. Suited up and ready to go.  

Out into the water to see Abel Tasman National Park by kayak.     

Marahau to Coquille Bay for a morning snack.   


Onto to north shore of Adele Island. Sail boats bobbing in the water with friendly faces aboard. Listening to songs from the bird sanctuary island. Watch baby fur seals explore and play in the water under the watchful eye of their concerned mothers.

Paddle hard through the Mad Mile to reach Te Pukatea Bay for lunch, then into Anchorage Bay to finish the day.   

We arrived with many other paddlers from our group, all aiming to make the 3:30pm kayak drop off time.    

Some travellers would walk or taxi back to Marahau, others would stay the night in Anchorage. My travel buddy and I were hiking further into the Abel Tasman NP.   

On our way to Torrent Bay Village for the night, we made a quick stop at Cleopatra’s Pool. Ice cold water rushing down the smooth carved boulders through natural rock slides.


Faces greet us as we approach our campsite.  

Torrent Bay Village overlooks the Torrent Bay estuary. As night descended, the tide was high and the bay was full. To return back to Anchorage Bay in the morning, there are two options: 50 minute walk at low tide or an hour and 50 minute walk at high tide. Our exhaustion from the previous day’s athleticism encouraged us to wait until low tide. We sat marking the water’s edge’s slow retreat, waiting for the moment the estuary would be passable by my short legs. My travel buddy even tests the depths.

Then, one brave soul ventured off. Will he make it through without submerging his pack? How deep will he sink into the water? Apparently, he would barely sink at all. And just like that, hikers all along the Torrent Bay’s shore emerged from the bush and began their pilgrimage across the estuary and onwards back to Marahau and their chosen homes for the evening.   



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