Markets, Parliament and karaoke

Wellington is known to be a cultural and artsy city. It’s also extremely windy. Which may be why all of their cultural and artsy hubs are tucked away in alleyways or underground spaces. 


Nothing beats sheltering yourself from the torrential force of city wind in a food truck lined alleyway, sitting under a sky of lanterns, being serenaded by live local musicians. 

Or turning a wrong corner and ending up in a bookstore maze, or an underground food court, or back again in the wind.

When you’re wandering a new city and run out of sheltered activities to do, where do you go? Parliament buildings of course. Luckily for us, the “beehive” parliament building offers free one-hour tours, ample time out of the wind. 

Walking by Cuba Street, “Happy Hour” signs are out, drawing us in. Happy Hour turns into Trivia Night, which turns into Karaoke Night, and new friends are made as old songs are sung.  



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