Road trip to Wellington

According to a few sources, the drive from the Kaweka Forest to Wellington should take a few hours. For us, our drive seemed like forever.

We stopped along the way, admiring the little towns we passed. Warren, the warden at our campsite in the Kaweka Forest, told us to look out for towns along the highway down to Wellington, historic towns with quaint building facades. So we stopped in Woodville “…the place where you wood”.


Just 14537km from Woodville, Ontario, Canada, among the other Woodvilles of the world.
Thrift shops filled with every object you can imagine. And not just one, but shelves stocked full. Mugs? Salt & pepper shakers? Creepy dolls?


Then dessert at Yummy Mummy’s. Simon was enticed to enter by the sign saying “free tasters”. Delicious cheesecakes. Light, creamy, and very flavourful. But instead we opted for a chocolate caramel and a lemon coconut bar, halfsies to share. After tasting each, I resolved to make these desserts everyday for the rest of my life. They were heavenly.




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