Hawke’s Bay Wineries

Driving into the Hawke’s Bay region, you pass veggie stands with honesty boxes, signs for fresh local fruit, and rows upon rows of grape vines. So, as a wine drinker myself, before leaving the region, my travel buddy and I headed out to see some vineyards and taste some wines.

We visited Stonecroft with a delicious Voignier, Unison with very nice rosé wines and Merlot blends, and finally Te Awa Collection with many strong flavoured wines. 

Wine is best paired with puppies sleeping on front decks, shady gardens, quaint cafés, delicious food, and interesting conversation. At Stonecroft, the owner was very happy to tell me about the wild fermentation process some of their wines undergo, a process almost identical to my father’s. He explained how the white wine making process differs in its complexity and infrastructure requirements. At Unison Vineyard, I learned of how they use a traditionally French method to make their delicious rosé wines, using red grape varieties and processing them as a white wine. All three vineyards had award winning wines. And all three vineyards ship internationally. Though often not to Canada, because our tough liquor requirements make it hard and cost ineffective for international boutique vineyards. 



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