Sulphur City

Rotorua, aka Sulphur City, has enough hydrogen sulphide emissions to ensure a constant cloud of rotten egg smell is nestled in every corner of the town. This smell of course is from all of the volcanic activity in the area, which is partly what makes it a tourist destination, despite the sometimes gag-reflex-inducing smell. 

One of my stops in this town was Wai-o-Tapu, a volcanic activity wonderland. I opted out of the more expensive tour in lieu of wandering at my own pace, taking photos every chance I could, lingering only so long before the scent became overwhelming. I admit, standing in drifting clouds of sulphurous steam is basically asking to gag. But it was really cool. 

Lady Knox Geyser

Champagne Pool

Devil’s Bath


Lake Ngakoro

Frying Pan Flat

And to finish off my volcanic day, I stopped by Kerosene Creek, a little thermal creek I found thanks to Pintrest actually. It is a natural outdoor hot tub with a gushing waterfall, surrounded by native bush and the buzzing of cicadas, while your feet sink into the soft silica sand. 



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