The long and winding road 

My travel buddy and I took the bus to Apex Car Rental in Auckland. Signed the papers. Inspected any dents. Then hopped in. So began our road trip through New Zealand. And so began our very hands-on lesson on how to drive in New Zealand. 

thumbs up and ready to go!

That was almost one week ago. Our first stop was Port Jackson on the Coromandel Penninsula – quite a long drive passed Cormandel, further passed the little town of Colville, at the end of a long and winding gravel road.


helpful road signs for tourists
This was an especially advanced setting to learn how to drive on the left side of the road. With lots of encouragement and little tips like “drive on the left side of that car” and “you’re a little too close to the cliff”, we got to our end destination with only two near serious car collisions. 


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