Catch of the day

When Nick, my cousin’s husband, knocked on the caravan door one evening, asking if I wanted to see a cool fish, I was not expecting to see this.


A 20kg Bluenose. I was very excited.
A Bluenose, about 20kg. She’s  almost as tall as me, and I’m 160cm. Nick tells me that she was caught way out in the sea, about 400m deep. That’s why her eyes are  jutting out like that – when she was brought up to surface, the pressure change caused her eyes to essentially explode. As a side note, while we were posing for the above picture, this Bluenose was oozing lots of grey slime, likely another adaptation of this fish for the deep sea, gross slimey stuff. I almost gagged, but I had to smile for the picture.

Even though this female was almost half a kilometre deep, she was caught with just a regular fishing line, and put up a heck of a fight for sure. But apparently, Bluenose are great for fish ‘n chips. 


Nick preparing the Bluenose
And this fella was also caught that day. A gemfish. Look at its teeth! 

A Gemfish with lots of sharp teeth

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