Urupukapuka Island

A half hour drive + half hour boat ride transported my cousin and her family and I to one of the most beautiful islands I have ever set foot on. 

A view of Otehei Bay
Urupukapuka Island is maintained by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. Accessible only by boat, I did not have a very pleasant time on my trip there. But it was well worth the sea sickness. 

We took the kiddies on an exploration walk. Perhaps to maintain the land, or perhaps to just delight the tourists, the small island is covered with sheep. 

The island has mixed-use with recreation and farming combined
On our hike, the kiddies loved squishing their gum boots in the piles of poop. They also soon discovered that sheep are easily frightened, and will bahhh and run if spooked. 

Soon, the kiddies were covered in sheep poop, from inside their gum boots up to their hair, kicked up from their sheep chases. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

Nick cleaning out the kids’ gum boots

With our tents set up on the beach’s edge, we maximized the beautiful views.  
My one-person Marmot tent is very cozy

In the morning, the sun rising behind the mist, sleepy boats bobbing in the bay, seagulls searching for prey – I woke up to this. 

This view made a 6am wake-up very enjoyable

A quick walk on the beach willingly turns into an hour long exploration hike. The views take my breath away. Toes in the grass avoiding the scattered piles of sheep poop, water on either side of the grassy ridge, rocky cliffs below with charging blue waves and white foamy wash, a horizon of slopes and sheep, mist slowly invading nearby islands while the sun lazily rises.    


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