On a plane again

It’s been 14 months since I landed at Toronto’s Pearson Airport from my last big adventure, so I was definitely due for another one. This time, my flights will take me from Toronto to L.A to Nadi, Fiji to finally Auckland, New Zealand. 

Travelling alone can be one of the most rewarding things you do. There’s an immense sense of freedom you get when you breathe the fresh air of a foreign country, knowing you had the guts to do it on your own. 

At the same time, airports remind you of the loved ones that just saw you off. Arrivals where families reunite, or hearing best friends plan their adventures together – it can pull at your heart strings and make you want to turn back. 

But if you didn’t do this – take this risk and seek this adventure – you wouldn’t be you, curious and self-challenging. And your family and friends would miss out on seeing all of your epic photos from around the world! 

4 thoughts on “On a plane again

  1. I wish I had the guts you do! I can only imagine that feeling you describe of your first breathe in a country. Ahh your friggin awesome Steph!!! It surely seems rewarding. I can’t wait to see some photos :)
    Tottlles xo


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