#17: Milk a Cow

While WWOOFing in Maleny, I found a little tin with flash cards titled: 50 Things To Do Before You Die. Obvi I had a read through. I’ve done quite a few of the things listed… maybe about a quarter. So I decided to try and tackle the things this random company decided were THE things to do in this life. And I decided to write about them sporadically, even some stories of things I’ve done in the past, to try and reach the 50 things… well actually, the 49 things, because one of the things listed was really dumb.

So today, I’ll tell you about the time I conquered #17: Milk a Cow. Or in my case, Milk a Goat (same thing).

This one was on my list of things to do in Australia on my WWOOFing trip. Since I’d be working on farms, may as well milk an animal. So, while in the Nimbin area, I picked Goatie Hill Farm. And on my second day, I milked my first goat. Her name is Waterlily.

It definitely took some getting used to. I won’t get into details, since it can sound odd out of context. But, if this is on your life to-do list, you should definitely volunteer on a local farm.

Now, Waterlily wasn’t the only goat in the milking shed this milestone morning. There were actually 5 goats in total…
… plus their little babies.
But one goat in particular gave me special attention. Enter Lollipop.
This lovely, curious goat, who was munching away on her fresh garden veggies, liked to get very close to me. Every so often, I’d hear the crunching get louder and louder, right by my ear. Then a *snif*snif*. I turn to look to my left, and Lollipop, mouth full, veggies in my hair, nose in my face, is sniffing my head!
And once she was satisfied, she just carried on eating. Nonchalantly. And I carried on milking. But nope, she had to sniff my head about three times every morning. Just had to make sure I wasn’t one of her goaties!

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