I found the hippies

So in my previous post, Where have all the hippies gone?, after futilely straining my eyes to find a true hippy and coming up fruitless, I ended on a positive note about the hippy spirit that transcends all of the outdated and inauthentic definitions of pop culture hippy-ism.

I take all that back. I found the true hippies. They’re all hiding in and around Nimbin, New South Wales.

Now, I’m not saying this because Nimbin is famous as the unofficial “Weed Capital of Australia”. To me, pot head is not synonymous with hippy. I’ve met hippies who smoke and those that don’t. So to me, a hippy is much more than drugs habits, eccentric mismatched fashion, or political protests.

I say the true hippies are in and around Nimbin because, passing through every town en route, you find signs like these proudly displayed on numerous properties and across town roads.
IMG_2436-1.JPG IMG_2430.JPG

My first hosts in Nimbin, Tony and Tamaso, have dedicated their property in Paradise Valley (an intentional community in Nimbin) to rainforest regeneration. Over 25 years, they have removed relentless invasive weeds from the land, and have planted native rainforest trees and vines, much to the delight of local wildlife. Their genuine care and appreciation of the environment is truly inspiring. And their knowledge of almost everything was amazing. Their ecological footprint is mindfully minimized with composting toilet, rainwater use, grey water systems, etc. I would consider Tony and Tamaso “hippy” because they live their left-wing beliefs.

My second home in Nimbin has been at Goatie Hill Farm, with Jenny, Peter and Jodi. Totally off-grid; eat seasonally; naturally plant-based dyes; turkeys, chickens and goats (obvi); organic, permaculture, biodynamic farming practices; community grassroots initiatives… These wonderful people are “hippy” because, again, their beliefs have strongly shaped their chosen lifestyles.

And most importantly (for me at least), has been their patience with an inexperienced but keen girl from suburbia.

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