Shit… I lost the pigs!

Since I was little, I wanted to be a farmer (my friends reading this are definitely laughing right now). But seriously, imagine – vast countryside, rolling green hills, and funny animals. But, growing up in a suburb doesn’t teach you much about farming. The “City Above Toronto” has been developed on some of the best agricultural soil in Ontario.

This is one of the reasons I chose to WWOOF. I could travel around Australia and also learn a few things about my super awesome future farm. Or more realistically, my future okay big garden. Either way, when I came to Cooroy, Queensland to Elizabeth Fekonia’s permaculture farm, I fell in love. This is the place where I’ll learn the tricks of the trade. I’ll be a pro by the time I leave!

And so, after showing me around the place, I was put to the test today. Elizabeth was out of the house to run an errand, and I was tasked with feeding the animals. Easy peasy. I had done it just yesterday on my own. And so I began…

Step 1: Feed the chickens and change their water. Bonus points for finding some eggs.

Step 2: Push your way through the goats and quickly pour their food into their bin. Note – this step should be done as quickly as possible, as the goats are very stubborn, very hungry, and do not move out of the way politely.

Step 3: Toss the piggies some fruits and veggies, plop some feed on their floor, and refill their water tub.


A) Why is the piggy gate slightly ajar?
B) Where are the full grown, very large piggies?

Shit… I lost the pigs! They could literally be anywhere. Suburban life did not prepare me for this conundrum.

I looked around…maybe they’re just hiding. Obviย they weren’t. These pigs are so eager for their morning feed, I’ve accidentally poured it on their heads because they don’t move out of the way.

“If I were a pig, where would I go?”


(To the goats) “Where did your friends go?”


I repeat: Suburban life definitely didn’t prepare me for this conundrum.

Well, there’s nothing else to do besides go and look for them. And so I set off, having no clue where I would find them, or how to even direct them back to their pen when I did miraculously find them. Do pigs have a special call, like birds? If I “oink, oink” a lot, will they come and find me?

Surprisingly, after only about 5 minutes of walking around, I found one! Then two!
Obviously, they were chilling with the cows eating stuff. And when they saw me, they grunted all the way down the hill, straight to their pen, as if everything was totally normal. Just went to say “hey” to the cows.

Farm family reunited. Farm initiation completed.
I’ll properly lock the gate next time.
IMG_1832.JPG IMG_1833.JPG

2 thoughts on “Shit… I lost the pigs!

  1. Hahahaha steph I just laughed out loud – your pigs just went for an afternoon stroll!! And yes we were laughing after the first line too…


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