Nom nom nom

I have been MIA recently after arriving in the Whitsundays a couple weeks ago because I had a lot to take in. I started a new WWOOFing position at Koala Adventures, met loads of new friends, and just took a while to get used to (semi-deserted) island life.
But, after many restless nights, cockroach scares, and grumbling tummies, it was the weekend. Which for staff here means – lunch time for the fishies! So, obviously, we had to get dressed up in matching neon pink stinger suits and pose like ninjas.
And just to be clear – by “fishies” I actually mean large bat fish that like to swim around the island for their usual feeding.
IMG_1625.JPG IMG_1622.JPG
These guys aren’t shy either. A couple of times I had to dodge their drooling mouths because a piece of food destined for their grumbling tummies happened to be floating towards my face.
This is a pretty unique island, and I say that not just because it’s part of the Whitsundays, which is among the top destinations in Australia. It’s unique mostly because of the people I’ve met here. I mean, being able to meet people one day and then act like ninjas looking like the pink Power Ranger the next day is pretty sweet. Plus, I never thought I’d have the chance to chill on a secluded beach, while my friends collect fresh oysters and snails for dinner. Like I said, this is a unique place with unique people.

3 thoughts on “Nom nom nom

  1. Love the post but I need more! It was a little nibblet of just how amazing it is there so we need more please!


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