Cute …or creepy?

What is the most Australian thing you can do in Australia? Actually, to me, the most Australian thing you can do in Australia would be hanging out in a kangaroo’s pouch…and then likely eating said kangaroo (which may seem odd to my Canadian friends, but yes, you can eat kangaroo steak… I hear it’s tough). So the second most Australian thing you can do in Australia? Obviously giving koala hugs to a real, live koala!

This is actually one of the reasons why I decided to come to Magnetic Island. I was told “the beaches are like a tropical paradise… and you can hold koalas” – SOLD! This all happens at Bungalow Bay Koala Village and, even though you have to pay extra to hold this adorable creature, when else would you get that opportunity?

But this was a big learning experience for me. I had always thought koalas were soft cuddly animals, and so inevitably happy. When I got to hold the little momma koala, I learned she was lethargic (we woke her up since koalas are nocturnal), not cuddly and soft, and a little smelly (Fun Fact: there’s an outbreak of chlamydia amongst wild koalas). Plus, do they actually look that cute? Is it just me, or do they actually looked a little creepy?

That got me thinking about the fine line between cute and creepy. As part of the tour, we got to hold many little creatures. So I ask you, which are cute and which are creepy?

1) Sandwiching a little female freshwater turtle

2) Kissing a male black red-tailed cockatoo

3) Getting a peak-a-boo show from a wombat

4) Inspecting a baby salt water crocodile

5) Listening to a bearded dragon

6) Getting wrapped up with a python

7) Getting pecked at by a swarm of rainbow larakeets

8) And obviously, hugging a grumpy koala

Have your vote in the comments below – which do you think are cute and which do you think are creepy?

5 thoughts on “Cute …or creepy?

  1. Stephy…only the birds are cute. The rest are all friggin creepy. And I laughed out loud at the picture of the koala – he’s looking at the camera with this sneaky look in his he’s trying to pick you up.


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