Curious Maggie

Magnetic Island, just off the coast of Queensland by Townsville (or “Towntown” as my sister thoughtfully pointed out), seems to be a very curious place, and I say this from my first few impressions of the island shortly after arriving here on Monday.

To begin, littered across this small island, at both the foot and summits of many hills, edging roadsides and coastlines, you can find these giant, smoothly eroded boulders. They look quite out of place, jutting up above the tree canopy, sticking out in the sunlight atop the nearby peaks. Odd, quirky almost.

Next thing I noticed, quite to my surprise, was the wildlife. You can often find koalas or wallabies in the wild here on Magnetic Island (story coming up on my experience cuddling a koala…seriously), but I’m speaking of the birds just now. Maybe I’m just used to the *chirp*chirp* of typical North American birds, but I do find it odd that the birds here often don’t sound like birds at all. I’ve heard crying baby goats, excited monkeys, djs scratching records, gargling old men, and screeching cats, but no *chirp*chirps*. The other morning, as I reached the garden to start on some weeding, I heard a low moan. Not quite a growl, but the moan suggested I was bothering someone. I peaked to the side of the garden enclosure, only to find these curious Bush Stone-Curlews. Clearly they didn’t like me coming so close to them, and decided to tell me with a subtle un-birdly “rrrrrrrr“. Very interesting place this Maggie Island.

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