Weekend at…

… Teresa and Pete’s (I really wanted to say Weekend At Bernie’s, but I wasn’t at Bernie’s place, I actually don’t even know a Bernie…) Anyway, back to the story – I spent last weekend at Teresa and Pete’s place, just across the road from Sanctuary Retreat. I was their guest for a few days, allowing me to see more of the sites around Mission Beach before heading off to my next locale. As soon as I arrived, I felt very spoiled – my own room with TWO beds in it, two DOUBLE beds, my own semi-outdoor bathroom (the cool kind, not the “why/how-did-they-forget-to-put-walls-in-here” weird kind), a tea and snack table, and my own private views of Garner’s Beach. Plus, it was decorated like this…

During my few days staying with Teresa and Pete I learned a few things – advice, life lessons, or fun facts taught by random experiences. This was all obviously in addition to the multitude of things I learned from getting to know this couple over the past few weeks. Here is a list of a few of those things:

1) Tully Gorge is a beautiful place (see photos below)…but I imagine it’s much better enjoyed in a raft.
IMG_1339.JPG IMG_1161.JPG IMG_1344.JPG

2) The Blues Brothers is a great film.

3) Anyone can be a fisher(wo)man no matter how awkward and out of place you look doing it (notice the matching fishing rods?). Side note: we didn’t actually catch anything. Instead we hopped over to a local bar for a sneaky pre-dinner drink.
20140806-194647-71207588.jpg 20140806-194648-71208330.jpg

4) If you’re stressed out, whistle. You can’t be stressed while you’re whistling.

5) If you have the chance to climb a mountain (aka small hill for those unfit like me), do it. The view at the top, no matter how much you’re sweating and panting, will never get old.
IMG_1376.JPG IMG_1381.JPG

Plus, worst case scenario, this will be waiting for you at the bottom…
IMG_1366.JPG IMG_1359.JPG

6) Puppies are always cute. Even when they’re begging for food.

7…) And many more military, history, local fun facts.

All in all, thank you so much Teresa and Pete for being such generous hosts! And I look forward to meeting up with you again :)


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