Angry Bird?

Google search “world’s deadliest bird” …
Since you probs won’t, I’ll just tell you what you’d find – a bunch of lists by different authors with one thing in common… the #1 pick …


…the cassowary.

According various websites and blog posts, there have been reports of injuries by the hands (or beak or claws or sheer strength) of a cassowary.

So, you may be wondering, why on earth would someone choose to live and do outdoor gardening work on a cassowary refuge, where the World’s Deadliest Bird is encouraged to roam freely?

Well, I’ll tell you.
1) I actually didn’t realize that Sanctuary Retreat doubled as a cassowary refuge. I had read it somewhere, but clearly the “deadly bird” part did not stick in my mind.

2) I had no idea what a cassowary was. In Canada, we don’t have giant birds that can kill you… although, according to Christopher Stephens’ blog post, the Great Northern Loon, the beloved icon on the Canadian loonie, is also a murderer, ranked 6th, responsible for the death of a researcher by pecking…

“The defensive bird plunged its sharpened bill, dagger fashion, through the ribcage and into the heart of the researcher, killing him instantly”

(read more of that blog post here).

However, after countless run-ins with these majestic birds (the cassowary that is)…
…and again….
…like, seriously, this happened almost everyday
20140805-154731-56851297.jpg 20140805-154727-56847527.jpg

…Anyway, I’m sure you get the point. After living with the “World’s Deadliest Bird”, you start to learn that they aren’t as scary and threatening as they are made to seem. Granted, you should never try to hop on one and ride around like a cowboy. BAD idea. But a cassowary won’t hunt you down like a fuzzy polar bear, and doesn’t kill just for sport, like fluffy cats. In fact, cassowaries just eat rainforest fruits, which is why they are considered a keystone species and are so protected. People in this area of Far North Queensland even dedicate their lives to the protection of cassowaries and the promotion of cassowary education (Mission Beach Cassowaries).

I mean, just driving on the road you’ll find countless signs reminding you that you’re in cassowary territory…

So even though you likely won’t be able to pet these giant birds, or feed them from your hand, you can always just take a morning stroll with them
…or be a perv and watch them while they bathe
…or laugh at them while they drink from your pond
…to which they’ll likely poop at your feet and walk off, and you’d be able to do nothing, except clean up the mess!

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