I can pretty much sum up B and Josh, an American couple from Colorado, with one story.

One night, us WWOOFers were heading down to the beach for a nighttime bonfire. This happened within the first week or so at Sanctuary, so we were all just starting to get to know each other. Everyone was enjoying the thrill of walking through the rainforest at night, the immensity of the stars when there is little light pollution to haze over them, and all the birds and insects that we could hear but not see.

During this enjoyable walk, Josh, with his superhuman night vision, spotted an injured Kingfisher bird off in the bushes on the side of the road. It apparently had something stuck in its wing and so couldn’t fly properly. So obviously, doing the logical thing, Josh jumps into the bushes. He scoops up this little guy and brings him over to the road, where him and B, with surgical intensity, headlamps and all, gently peel away the sticky tar that had been hindering the Kingfisher’s wing. After their work was completed, it was a moment of truth – would the Kingfisher fly or fall?

He flew. And we cheered. Just a typical night out with B and Josh. Thanks for the great times and great conversations :)

Honourable mention goes to Vicky…

…and Ben (who generouls informed me that koalas have chlamydia, a real problem in Australia) and Anna (who bravely quit her job in Germany to travel the world)…

Safe travels!

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