Under the sea!

Under the Coral Sea, to be more precise, with Big Mama Sailing, a family owned and operated snorkelling and sailing tour company out of Mission Beach, Queensland (bigmamasailing.com.au).

All I can say is… “wow”, like for the entire day. Ever since dreaming as a kid of being a mermaid (obviously like every kid does), I have wanted to see the majestic and awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef. And so I did, the other day.

It all started with recommendations from many friendly locals to see the Reef with Big Mama. Forget about the big snorkelling tours operating out of Cairns or Port Douglas. With Big Mama, there is food provided (even if you have allergies!) and a max of 11 other people with you swimming around on beautiful reefs. It wasn’t too hard to convince me. They had me at “food…”

So you start your day at 8:30am at the jetty to load the sail boat and you’re greeted by Lisa, Stu, their son Fletcher, and little puppy Coco, who all live on the boat (what a life, eh?)
Fresh homemade scones and tea are served for the boat ride out to the reef (or tea and gf biscuits for me and my gluten allergy).
All of the 11 other explorers on the boat were incredibly friendly – couples from Germany, families from Melbourne, or lone travellers like me from Canadia.
But the views would have been enough for me. Yea, 8:30am is early, but you get to see this.

I was seriously getting envious of Fletcher’s life.
And when we arrived at Ellison Reef, the views somehow got even better. With no one else around. Incredible.
And under the water we go!
I had never seen so many colourful fish of different shapes and sizes, or so many corals and sponges and GIANT clams. Just swimming above this huge, environmentally-vital organism that is the Reef made me feel small and humbled that I could experience this. I felt like I was looking into a hidden world that is so fragile (because it is. DO NOT stand on a reef because you will destroy it! And that would just suck for everyone).

(For some videos of my swim, check out my Instagram, linked at the bottom of the page – to be posted soon!).





Like seriously, this clam could eat me whole.
Nom nom nom





The colours!


“Oh, hey guys!”…yea, I’m just swimming with a school of tiny fishies.


And you may be wondering, “how can such an amazing day get any more amazing?”… I’ll show you.
Yea, exactly.

Thank you again Big Mama Sailing. I have always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Big Mama Sailing website – bigmamasailing.com.au
Big Mama Facebook page – facebook.com/bigmamasailing


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