It’s a tough life

After my discovery of the paradise at my doorstep, I’ve been spending my days on Brooks Beach (before my shift at Sanctuary). Just to share this gem, here are a few photos from this secluded, almost always empty, gorgeous beach.20140702-165123-60683131.jpg


One day, I met a lovely couple, Teresa and Peter, who are renting a place nearby for the season. At one point during our very interesting and informative conversation, they mentioned how Brooks Beach is an unofficial nudist beach… Now, you think this would be something I’d have noticed. I had seen an occasional bare bottom, but I was never wearing my glasses. So instead of staring in an attempt to decipher bathing suit from birthday suit with my poor vision, I decided I was seeing things. I guess not!

Now, I’m neither against the “naturalist” lifestyle nor partial to it, but I’ve always been curious of what the appeal could be. So, the other day, quite apprehensive at first but determined nonetheless, I tried it out. Tucked away in a far corner of the beach with a strategic outlook for creepy eyes, I set up shop and bared all. Since no one was around I also ventured for a swim. I must say, it actually felt quite natural (get it?), after obviously getting over the initial anxiety of complete strangers being able to see my hoo-ha.

Since that day, I’ve seen so many bare bottoms that it seems ridiculous I never noticed before. Imagine grown men, standing in a Superman pose, looking out over the waves, wind rushing through their hair, sun gleaming on their backs, and gleaming on their bum, with no pants on. Clearly I can be very oblivious.

To top off the amazingness of this beach, we’ve started having campfires. All the WWOOFers, loaded in the back of a pick-up truck, driving through the thick rainforest canopy with a blanket of stars above, to a dark beach alive only by our fire and the sound of the approaching tide.


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