To the other side

On a gorgeous day off, my roommate, Sophie Ward, and I decided to trek to Bingil Bay. And I don’t say “trek” lightly. To get from the beach closest to Sanctuary Retreat to Bingil Bay you have to cross over some hefty rocks. 20140628-093305-34385493.jpg20140628-093402-34442878.jpg
The trek isn’t that bad, and you get to see some fishies and very determined vegetation growing out of rocks, or more precisely, growing out of “substrate” (for those who are unaware, I am a soil scientist, or, as my friends thoughtfully call me, a nerd who plays in the mud). 20140628-093604-34564626.jpg
Once across, you get even more beautiful views. The beach is lovely, and there’s a camping lot nearby for the “Great Nomads” of Australia. After just walking by I was invited by some of these very friendly people (likely a tad tipsy too) to that night’s beach bonfire for drinks.
Just down the road is the Bingil Bay Cafe, which is also a little shop on the side that sells sparse necessities. I’m pretty sure it’s the only shop in Bingil Bay.20140628-094038-34838143.jpg
We stopped in for lunch and oh my, it was delicious!! I got a Bingil Bay Burger, made specially gluten-free for me, and a cider. It had the traditional (I think) beet root on the burger, which isn’t really a thing in Canada. I was saying wow the entire time (as I’m sure you will when you see the pics) with my mouth full and the burger dripping deliciousness in my hands (is your mouth watering yet?). It’s surprisingly not hard to find gluten-free options in this country – A+ Australia!20140628-094257-34977879.jpg
All in all, the food was amazing and the beach was nice. Though I may be biased and a bit spoiled when I say that our beach near Sanctuary is better!
As a side note, when writing the title of this post, I had this song in mind – “Break on through (to the other side)” by The Doors. Great song.

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