Good morning sunshine

Normally when I wake up in the morning I see these little notes my friends hid in my luggage for me to find randomly throughout my trip (they make me smile every time – do it for your friend next time he/she travels!!). 20140625-191527-69327320.jpg
However, this morning was a little different. Instead I woke up to my roommate, leaving for her morning shift, whispering to me “Just wanted to let you know there’s a giant spider on the wall”. It was 6:30 am. I tried to fall back asleep, but for some reason, the thought of a giant spider hanging out on my wall destroyed any hope of returning to sweet dreams. So I got up, turned on my light, and I found him, just chilling on my wall.
Now he isn’t actually that big of a spider (relatively speaking obviously), but I still wasn’t his biggest fan. After about 2 hours of watching him and him watching me, neither of us wanting to make a move, I decided it was time to take action (I was way too hungry to stay in my room all day). After some skilful manoeuvring with a broom, I got the little guy safely out of my room (I didn’t harm him at all, no worries).

This got me thinking of all the other tiny friends I’ve met since moving here, though not all that tiny. Here are a few of them.
Chilling on the outdoor furniture, enjoying the views.
Hanging out inside, pooping all over the place (which I had to later clean up).
Pretty moth, about the size of an eraser, to give you a standard size of measurement.

Spider on the path in the dark – can be very dangerous.

And the resident spider of the yoga room! He’s a triple amputee and minds his own business – we got along well.


3 thoughts on “Good morning sunshine

  1. This post is hilarious!
    It made me think of how I freaked out and screamed when I walked out the door yesterday because a pretty little kitty, sitting beside my garden peacefully, startled me half to death. Some scary shit over here in Toronto! Those cute kitties are everywhere in the summertime! BEWARE!!!


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