Jurassic Park

I chose to Sanctuary Retreat as my first WWOOFing stop because a) it’s in northern Queensland and would be warmer this time of year compared to further south, b) it’s a yoga and meditation retreat so I assumed it would have good energy (which it definitely does), and c) it’s a walk from the beach. Well, mostly (c).
Anyway, to get to the beach from Sanctuary, or to get anywhere for that matter, you can either take a 4-wheel drive vehicle or trek through a Jurassic Park-like rainforest. Since I’m not a car and nature is alright, I decided to take the latter. It’s a groomed path and though it’s steep and stocked with mozzies I thought it would be a nice 10 minute hike. If not, at least I could pretend dinosaurs were chasing me.

However, before I left, I was warned by a fellow staff member “you just have to watch out for the cassowaries on the path”… !!!!!! Based on my experience the previous day with this giant archaic bird species, I was a little concerned to say the least – I may actually live out a scene from Jurassic Park!

Nevertheless, with a large stick in hand, I began my journey. And to my delight, this is what I found…



After accidentally destroying many spiders’ homes and countless wars against the mozzies (which they won every time), I found paradise.





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