Rainforest problems

So, as I previously mentioned, I’m staying at Sanctuary Retreat, which is an Eco-lodge/yoga retreat and cassowary nature refuge. For those who don’t know what a cassowary is (as I didn’t until yesterday), it is a flightless bird native to this part of Australia that is the third tallest and second heaviest living bird (think ostrich).

Now I knew I was coming to a cassowary nature refuge. What I didn’t know was that a) they’d be hanging around a lot, b) they are very big and can be aggressive, and c) they can be curious little guys. So, to my surprise after leaving my bedroom to head up to the main lodge, I encountered this guy.

Hoping he didn’t notice me, I slowly backed away. This is when I realised their curious nature, since he started to follow me.

And he decided to inspect me from the bushes for a short while too.

I had heard (the day prior) that cassowaries are best encountered with, preferably, a building between you. So I headed to to the nearest building. And he followed, running.

I must say, I never thought I’d be chased by an ancient endangered flightless bird while in Australia, or ever really.

2 thoughts on “Rainforest problems

  1. Haha this is hilarious!! I love how you captured everything in sequence lol.. Watch out for those cassowaries!!


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